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Franz Unveils AllegroGraph v3.0 - A Web 3.0 Database "Web 3.0's Database" now with Activity Recognition Capabilities

19-May-2008: Franz, Inc. today announced the release of version 3.0 of AllegroGraph, the industry's first RDF database to integrate GeoTemporal Reasoning and Social Networking Analytics in a high-performance persistent database for storing and querying billions of RDF statements. AllegroGraph provides solutions for customers to address the challenge of storing and combining unstructured and structured data for new Web 3.0 style applications as well as new types of Business Intelligence for the Enterprise. AllegroGraph's "Activity Recognition" package provides a new and more powerful means for aggregating and analyzing data about individual and organizational behaviors, preferences, relationships, and spatial and temporal linkages between individuals and groups. AllegroGraph provides the core capabilities for making Web 3.0 a reality.

"AllegroGraph 3.0 is the industry's first database to combine very efficient geospatial data capabilities, temporal reasoning and social network analytics fully integrated with a new Web 3.0 style database." said Jans Aasman, CEO of Franz. "What Franz has developed in conjunction with our customers is a product that provides users an event based view on their data sets. Events here are broadly defined as things that have a particular type (meetings, communication events, purchases, financial transactions, hospital visits, terrorist attacks), a number of actors (a financial event has a payer, payee and the bank), a start time, an end time and a location where something happened. In this event view of the world our customers work with AllegroGraph to reason about the types of events, to link events and companies and people together through scalable social networking algorithms, and to link events and places through a user friendly layer of temporal reasoning rules. These events are additionally enhanced with a geospatial engine that is as fast as specialized spatial databases. AllegroGraph 3.0 has integrated all these diverse reasoning mechanisms into what we have coined the 'Activity Recognition' package."

Today's leading companies realize there is incredible value stored in their data. Utilizing and monetizing this ad hoc data has become a focus of the software industry and Web 3.0. There is increasing demand for sophisticated business analytics which can handle more than just specific, predetermined information, but also immense quantities of data from multiple data sources: relational databases and unstructured data from company email, documents, spreadsheet, drawings, etc. All of this data can quickly represent a significant amount of computational memory and complexity. Relational database technology is not designed for this and the schemas used by such databases are too rigid to allow this sort of analysis.

Franz has developed the industry's leading high performance Semantic Technologies database. AllegroGraph specializes in handling unstructured data and performing complex network analysis, all of which are not possible with more traditional relational style databases. The demand for new RDF databases is expanding rapidly with the growth of social networks, the emergence of the Semantic Web (3.0) and as companies seek more sophisticated tools to help them take advantage of their existing unstructured knowledge. AllegroGraph is uniquely positioned to capitalize on this rapidly expanding market opportunity.

Franz Inc., ( is an innovative technology company with expert knowledge in developing and deploying Semantic Web solutions. AllegroGraph provides the solid storage layer for powerful geotemporal reasoning, social network analytics and ontology modeling capabilities for today's Semantic Technology applications. Franz's products and services are uniquely positioned to help bring your Web 3.0 ideas to reality.

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