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Franz Allegro CL 6.1 Propels Lisp Further Into the Modern Web Environment

Berkeley, Calif. ÷†November 2, 2001: Franz, Inc. today announced that it has shipped Allegro CL® 6.1, a performance-oriented update to its cross-platform application development environment. Allegro CL 6.1 represents the latest step in the evolution of Common Lisp into a mature and powerful development platform for building robust, flexible, scalable and Internet-ready applications.

The Allegro CL 6.1 update includes refinements to the functionality introduced in Allegro CL 6.0, a major release that married the natural object-oriented capabilities of modern Lisp with a suite of comprehensive Internet connectivity tools. Power Internet features in Allegro CL include Java interoperability, dynamic Lisp-based Web serving, and support for secure SSL sockets. In addition, Allegro CL 6.1 provides a faster integrated development environment which developers can use to create applications running under the latest operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows 2000, Redhat Linux 7.0 and Mac OS X.

"As the demand for faster, more reliable, and scalable internet-ready applications increases, modern Lisp developers now have the resources they need to combine Internet connectivity with the powerful object-oriented capabilities of Lisp," said Fritz Kunze, CEO of Franz.

AllegroCL 6.1 Tunes Performance, Streamlines Development

Version 6.1 introduces the following enhancements and new features to Allegro CL.

  • New platforms supported include:
    • 32 bit - IBM AIX 5, LinuxPPC 2000 (Q4), Mac OS X
    • 64 bit - Sun Microsystems Solaris 2.8
  • New Lisp RPC (Remote Procedure Call) functionality allows Lisp applications across the network to interact more closely and operate more efficiently in multi-processor architectures.
  • Enhanced integration with Java permits faster execution, delivers better data type interoperability between Lisp and Java, and provides more comprehensive documentation and sample code.
  • Advanced localization capabilities allow better customization of programs for different languages, date and time formats, and monetary units.
  • Improved integrated development environment (IDE) delivers better scrolling performance, enhanced indenting and multi-threaded operation.


A free 60-day trial version of Allegro CL 6.1 can be downloaded from here.

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