NCITS/J13 00-003

Draft Minutes -- NCITS/J13 meeting on 12/12/2000 at 9:30am PST

[This document is NCITS/J13 00/003]

[These minutes have not yet been approved.]

Draft Agenda [from NCITS/J13 00-002]

  1. Call to order and introductions.
  2. Appointment of a Secretary Pro Tem.
  3. Approval of draft agenda NCITS/J13 00-002. This parliamentary item is required by NCITS procedures.
  4. Approval of draft minutes from the 14 Oct, 1999 meeting. See:
  5. Consideration of the J13 International Representative vacancy.
  6. Consideration of J13 entering "Maintenance Status." SHould the Chair call a 30-day letter ballot to this effect? Is anyone likely to bring any project proposals before the committee in the forseeable future?
  7. Announcements and new business.
  8. Consideration and scheduling of next meeting, etc.

Meeting Minutes