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The free version of AllegroGraph Lisp Edition is limited by a 5 million triples maximum. The ability to load the maximum amount will be contingent on your operating system, available memory, and the number unique strings in your data. When testing the Allegro CL Express Edition on some low-end hardware, we have successfully run the LUBM queries on an 8 university data set, consisting of over 1 million triples. If you want to use AllegroGraph with over 5 million triples, please email to request an evaluation of the Developer or Enterprise versions, or call us at +1(510) 452-2000, ext. 300.

For system configuration guidelines, please refer to the AllegroGraph Performance Tuning page here.

LUBM5 Load and Query Example Download

A LUBM 5 University data set with a script that steps you through loading AllegroGraph into ACL, setting up a LUBM-5 database, loading the data, and defining and running the 14 LUBM queries can be downloaded here. The file to read is results-lubm5.txt, you will need to edit c:/temp/Lubm/lubm5 to the location of your working directory in two locations in the file.

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