Franz Inc, AllegroGraph

Package com.franz.agraph.repository

Implementation of the OpenRDF Sesame API 2.6.8 with extensions for AllegroGraph features.


Interface Summary

Class Summary
AGBooleanQuery Implements the Sesame BooleanQuery interface for AllegroGraph.
AGCatalog Catalogs are locations on disk where AllegroGraph Server keeps its repositories.
AGFreetextIndexConfig The class of freetext index configurations.
AGGraphQuery Implements the Sesame GraphQuery interface for AllegroGraph.
AGMaterializer A materializer governs how triples are inferred and added to a repository.
AGQuery An abstract query class common to Boolean, Graph and Tuple Queries.
AGQueryLanguage Extends the Sesame QueryLanguage class for AllegroGraph languages.
AGRepository Implements the Sesame Repository interface for AllegroGraph, representing triple-stores on the server.
AGRepositoryConnection Implements the Sesame RepositoryConnection interface for AllegroGraph.
AGServer The starting point for interacting with an AllegroGraph server.
AGSpinFunction Represents a SPIN function.
AGSpinMagicProperty Represents a SPIN magic property.
AGStreamTupleQuery Wraps an AGTupleQuery to provide streaming results.
AGTupleQuery Implements the Sesame TupleQuery interface for AllegroGraph.
AGUpdate Implements the Sesame Update interface for AllegroGraph.
AGValueFactory Implements the Sesame ValueFactory interface for AllegroGraph.
AGVirtualRepository A class for virtual repositories, used for working with federations, graph-filtered stores, reasoning stores, and compositions thereof.

Package com.franz.agraph.repository Description

Implementation of the OpenRDF Sesame API 2.6.8 with extensions for AllegroGraph features.

Initiate a connection to an AllegroGraph server starting with AGServer.AGServer(String, String, String).

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