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Packages that use AGTupleQuery
com.franz.agraph.repository Implementation of the OpenRDF Sesame API 2.6.8 with extensions for AllegroGraph features. 

Uses of AGTupleQuery in com.franz.agraph.repository

Subclasses of AGTupleQuery in com.franz.agraph.repository
 class AGStreamTupleQuery
          Wraps an AGTupleQuery to provide streaming results.

Methods in com.franz.agraph.repository that return AGTupleQuery
 AGTupleQuery AGRepositoryConnection.prepareTupleQuery(org.openrdf.query.QueryLanguage ql, String queryString)
 AGTupleQuery AGRepositoryConnection.prepareTupleQuery(org.openrdf.query.QueryLanguage ql, String queryString, String baseURI)

Constructors in com.franz.agraph.repository with parameters of type AGTupleQuery
AGStreamTupleQuery(AGTupleQuery query)
          Wraps a query with this object that will stream the response.

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