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Package com.franz.agraph.pool

Connection pool implementation for AllegroGraph.


Class Summary
AGConnFactory Adapts the AGRepositoryConnection API to the commons-pool factory interface, leaving creation of the connection (and configuration) to a subclass, defined by users of this library.
AGConnPool Pooling for AGRepositoryConnections.
AGConnPoolJndiFactory JNDI factory for AGConnPool.
AGPoolConfig Extension to GenericObjectPool.Config to add more properties.

Enum Summary
AGConnProp Property names to open a AGRepositoryConnection.
AGConnProp.Session Property values for AGConnProp.session.
AGPoolProp Property names for AGPoolConfig.

Package com.franz.agraph.pool Description

Connection pool implementation for AllegroGraph.

The recommended way to use this package is with AGConnPool or with the AGConnPoolJndiFactory using JNDI configuration of your webserver.

The Pool library is required to use this package: Apache Commons Pool, commons-pool-1.5.6.jar

See Also:
AGConnPool, AGConnPoolJndiFactory

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