AllegroGraph Professional Services

Social Network Analysis

AllegroGraph is an excellent foundation for Social Network Analysis (SNA) applications. Franz works with customers to develop algorithms for SNA applications using AllegroGraph. Some of the SNA algorithms are trivially implemented; examples are in-degree, out-degree, nodal-degree, density, actor-degree-centrality, and group-degree-centrality. Some of the algorithms are more complex because they require computing shortest paths between actors; examples are actor-closeness-centrality, group-closeness-centrality, actor betweenness-centrality, group-betweenness-centrality, connected-p, and find-clique-around.

Working with RDBMSs

Franz works with customers to migrate data in RDBMS or CVS files into AllegroGraph.


Make the most of your use of semantic technologies by utilizing our consulting services.

We provide:

  • Pilot and Evaluations - with Semantic Technologies in general
  • Migration Assessment - moving to ontology-based systems
  • Milestone Review - we can help verify and reality-check your project
  • Performance Analysis - getting the most out of AllegroGraph
  • Deployment Options - advise on deployment options
  • Application-specific coding

Contact a Franz Product Applications Manager for information about getting started today, at 1-888-256-7669; outside of Canada and the US call +1-510-452-2000 or email:

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