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Cloudera Enterprise: Making Hadoop Fast, Easy, and Secure - the fastest, easiest, and most secure data management and analytics platform built on Apache Hadoop and the latest open source technologies. Cloudera offers the highest performance and lowest cost platform for using data to drive better business outcomes. Powered by the world's most popular Apache Hadoop distribution, Cloudera Enterprise lets you focus on results.

Tom Sawyer Software

Tom Sawyer Software produces superior technologies that help customers manage, analyze, and present the relationships in their data in the most intuitive and efficient manner possible. Tom Sawyer Software produces data relationship visualization and analysis software that is designed for use by application developers. Customers have proven that this technology can reduce their development expenses significantly, shorten product cycles, and add substantial new value to their applications.

Blue Slate Solutions

Blue Slate is a management consultancy that specializes in improving and transforming operations through business process and analytic transformation, leveraging innovative techniques and technologies. Whether we are helping to define a strategic roadmap, select the right technologies to meet key business objectives or implement best of breed BPM solutions, Blue Slate helps clients achieve measurable value often including; step change productivity improvements, customer satisfaction, and business growth while increasing process agility to respond to changing market conditions.


Imagine you’re able to identify and localize people in and around your building, learn from their behavior and make your business more efficient. Imagine you can manage your moving property, find it and understand how it is used. Imagine you can do all this in one simple, user-friendly and affordable solution. At Intellifi this is exactly what we do and what we are good at. We do things different, that’s how we make indoor localization and identification products easy to use, affordable and simple to deploy. We’re proud of developing our own hardware and software and by doing so we’re able to come up with well thought products enabling applications that nobody could think of 2 years ago. We’re just accelerating and there is a lot more on its way.

IO Informatics

IO Informatics provides software and services for uniquely efficient data integration and transformative knowledge applications. Areas of expertise include the life sciences, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medicine. The Sentient Suite integrates data, applications, databases, and instruments into one secure, compliant and interoperable environment. Researchers can access, query, and utilize data from multiple sources regardless of format and location, using existing hardware and IT infrastructure. IO Informatics’ tools apply innovative semantic technology to integrate heterogeneous data in context to solve knowledge and project management problems.

NTT DATA Mathematical Systems Inc.

NTT DATA Corporation mathematical system was established with the mission of "problem-solving in the real world by the Mathematical Sciences." MSI's focus is on 4 areas. Scientific Software - Combining basic methods of mathematical sciences with applied technologies from the fields such as numerical computation and computer graphics, we obtain technology of scientific problems arising in many diverse areas. Computer Science - Our primary interest in the area of computer science lies in UNIX workstations, personal computers, communications, super computing technologies and parallel processing. Internet Solutions - The world of network is ever expanding with limitless possibilities in both business and private life. We offer various technology for internet, intranet, and extranet. We not only combine the existing packages of software but also make programs of special use for various customers. Social Systems - In order to get technology to real world problems, we will apply technologies such as mathematical science, statistics, social engineering, AI and database technology to the problems.


Data-driven solutions are at the heart of PEPITe’s holistic methodology. Our robust technologies and best practices are grounded in historical data, data validation, and data mining. The nuggets of knowledge extracted from your data and metrics drive process improvement programs for your industry and empower your organization to make quick and reliable decisions. The Information Lifecycle is a continuous improvement process where the decision is the driver. Depending on the decision that a project requires, certain measurements must be taken. The measured values are then stored, cleaned and organized. Next, the values can be analyzed to extract specific knowledge. And with the extracted knowledge, comes the ability to make an informed decision and take action. Your process data is valuable. You store vast amounts of data and safeguard it in a data historian. You make your data history available to your operators and engineers and hope they are making the best use of it, but are they only using it as a real-time monitoring tool? PEPITe wants to help you learn from your own recorded history and improve performance today and be in a better position to forecast scenarios for the future. By maximizing your asset value, you can create sustainable processes that lead to sustainable profit.


SemanticFuse is a Premier Consulting Firm, specializing in increasing profitability in eCommerce by infusing Semantic Technology into your existing system. The founding team has over a century of combined experience in Semantic Technologies in many domains.

Smartlogic - The Content Intelligence Company

We create software that helps you extract value from content. Organizations can outperform others by releasing the valuable information locked-up in content. Smartlogic's software unlocks this value – something we call Content Intelligence. Semaphore is our Content Intelligence platform. Hundreds of organizations in information intensive industries use Semaphore worldwide to power regulatory compliance tasks, provide superior customer service, enhance information findability, deliver operational efficiencies, and monetize information assets.


TopQuadrant is a leading semantic data integration company. Our focus has always been on the practical application of this emerging technology to solve business problems. Integrated enterprise information is the foundation for flexible, evolvable, and interoperable solutions needed to support a modern enterprise information infrastructure. Hence our mission: to make information meaningful and by doing that - empower people. Our commitment to semantic web standards has proved to be key to the success on the journey we are on. We have evolved from in 2002 being the first semantic web consulting company in the US to a tools and platform company from 2006-2010, to today’s focus on the key drivers of business success - improving business insight, addressing information governance and providing seamless access to information.

Vital AI

During application development and maintenance, very significant resources are spent mapping and integrating data, including across different levels of the application architecture. Vital AI's goal with the Vital AI Development Kit (VDK) and the application platform modules is to reduce this resource drain to near zero, freeing up time for deeper data analysis and better applications. By using a common data model and standardized tools, user interfaces, application servers, data repositories, and data analysis tools can draw from the same data model, limiting errors, mismatches, and integration problems.

WGSigma Systems

WGSigma Systems offers revolutionary Big Data Solutions to solve high velocity data intensive business problems based on our innovative Sigma Big Data Application Server. WGSigma Systems is focused on providing solutions to solve business’ Big Data problems. The fundamental design idea of referencing all relevant data to provide business roles with Alerts, Correlated Visibility and Recommended Best Action (in some cases automated action) is supported by the innovative Sigma Big Data Application Server in real time. An ideal example is the Sigma iContractRisk solution. The Sigma iContractRisk solution is a breakthrough approach to solve the "RISK" problem for large scale construction projects. iContractRisk collects all documents, project information and records into a single data hub. A single "pane of glass" supports all parties that has a need to know to be alerted in real time with analysis, an audit trail and cross referenced remediation recommendations. This set of capabilities can mean the difference between on-time and on-budget vs. delays and costly overruns. The Sigma Big Data Application Server provides the underlying technology platform combining the most proven and capable predictive analytics, semantic and cognitive technologies and big data analysis methods. The Sigma iWorkplace solution takes the concepts of Alerts, Correlated Visibility and Recommended Best Action to support IT Service Management.

Wroclaw Institute for Spatial Information and Artificial Intelligence

We are developing technologies based on Semantic Web concept - technologies of creation, discovery and exploitation of data which are computer readable. We design and implement a range of Geographic Information Systems using the most current scientific approaches.

3 Round Stones

3 Round Stones provides Callimachus Enterprise, the leading Linked Data platform. We've been on the forefront of scalable data platforms that allow information to be read by humans and processed by machines. What was previously hidden is now discoverable. Our products are used by professionals working in life science research and healthcare delivery to reduce data silos and make information available for new insights, new perspectives and new conclusions.

Development Partners

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