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We are posting presentations as we receive them, so please check back for possible additions /revisions to this page. (Last updated April 6, 2001)


John Foderaro (Tutorial): Web-enabling your application; Incorporating AllegroServe into your application.


Martin Mikelson (Tutorial): Web-enabling your application; Incorporating Allegro jLinker into your application


Charley Cox (Tutorial): Internationalization in your Application


Paul Graham (Featured Speaker): "Beating the Averages"


Bill Davis: "Process Chameleon: dynamic collaboration in adaptaion of business process"


Richard Wojcik: "The Boeing Simplified English Checker"


Jason Kantz: "CPACS: A Cargo Planning, Analysis, and Configuration System for the International Space Station.
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David Cooper: "Generative Web Language"


Harry McElroy: "Automated Process Knowledge Management; The Consummate Allegro CL Application"


Kuroda Hisao: "The Car-Crash Database System"


Mike Traver: "Afferent: a platform for drug discovery informatics"
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